Subaru Secret: Make a Video (1 of 10)

Subaru Secret to Everlasting Love: 

Make a Video

Nothing captures the essence of the moment like a video. The best way to remember the love you felt for your new Subaru is to record it in real-time. But we realize time travel hasn't been invented…yet! So our team came up with some ideas for you to consider while planning future videos. 

You could video:

  • Your dashboard reaching metric milestones like 100K or 200K miles.
  • Your family pulling into your vacation destination.
  • Your dog enjoying the ride.
  • Your next off-road excursion.
  • Your next drag race.
  • You packing and gearing up for a snow encounter.
  • You pulling into your favorite camping spot.
  • You strapping down your bike for your next triathlon.
  • Anything!

Now, more than ever, the technology and equipment are accessible for quality videos. If you like producing videos you could purchase a GoPro Camera for under $200. Or if you just want to shoot and publish a basic video, whip out your smart phone and start taping! Get creative - the possibilities are endless.

If this secret doesn't help, rejuvenate your love with a new Subaru! Check out the Subaru Outback known for its trademark traction, stability and control thanks to the Subaru Symmetrical AWD. 

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