Subaru Secret: Think Like A Teenager (5 of 10)

Subaru Secret to Everlasting Love: 
Think Like A Teenager

Spend some time reminiscing of the good ol' days. Draw up a few fond memories of your favorite places and drive your Subaru there. The emotions those young, naive memories foster will kick start your creative juices leading to a renewed sense of adventure.

 Use this innocent zeal to explore as a reason to be spontaneous again. Remember how freeing it was to just get in your car and drive away? The unconstrained, compulsive nature of your rebellious youth can be tapped and focused for some adult adventure. Give the teenage version of you brief control of your imagination and the adult version of you the keys to your Subaru.

If this secret doesn't help, rejuvenate your love with a new Subaru! Check out the Subaru XV Crosstrek known for its highest ground clearance in its class making challenging roads less challenging, whether you're going over rocks, ruts and even deep snow. 

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