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2013 Subaru BRZ -- The Masters Of AWD Nail RWD

A couple of years ago we passed the point at which there were no more truly bad cars. If someone asked us, "Which car should we definitely avoid," it was hard to give a categorical answer. Sure, there were cars we didn't (and still don't) like, but no matter how personally averse we might be to even some current cars, we can't name one that's objectively awful.

Naturally, then, if everything…
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Subaru Captures Multiple 2012 ALG Residual Value Awards

November 2011 [USA]

ALG "Subaru continues to draw fiercely loyal devotees who appreciate the brand's strong quality and ability to remain practical yet progressive."
- Subaru of America earns third-consecutive Best Mainstream Brand title
- 2012 Subaru Outback is three-peat winner in midsize utility segment
- 2012 Subaru Legacy snags honors in midsize car segment

CHERRY HILL, N.J., November 2011 - Subaru of America today announced that it has received three Residual Value Awards from ALG, the…

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Want to find out why the Subaru AWD is a better system than some others? Keep Reading!!

So you know your Subaru has all wheel drive and it goes through just about anything mother nature has thrown at it, but do you know how it works when compared to some of the other leading competition's all wheel drive systems?

I have been a loyal Subaru owner for many years and now have my 11th Subaru in the garage (along side my 10th Subaru) and have only heard some of the differences…

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