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Subaru Secret: Schedule Time Together (10 of 10)

Be purposeful with your time together. Naturally, your Subaru will get you from point A to point B, but scheduling time outside of the daily grind is a sure way to set your love a blaze. It renews your mind to actively think about how wonderful your Subaru is and triggers memories of forgotten road trips.

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Subaru Secret: Scout the Competition (9 of 10)

You're better off than you may think with your old Subaru. After years together, it's easy to forget what made you fall in love. Maintain your love by checking out other Subarus. Heck, check out other makes and models. Inevitably, you'll recall what led you to buy your Subaru in the first place.

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Subaru Secret: Meeting Her Needs (7 of 10)

The more love you show your Subaru, the more love your Subaru will show you. Regular oil changes and maintenance go a long way. Although we always recommend taking your Subaru to your local dealership for regular maintenance, there are a few things you can do yourself to meet her needs.

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Subaru Secret: Be Bold (6 of 10)

Think outside the box. Break the mold. Explore life outside your comfort zone. Swim upstream. All these suggestions may sound cliché because…well…they are. But hey, they're true. To spice up your love for your Subaru, we recommend you do something different and adventurous. Go off road. Explore new territory covered in gravel, mud, dirt, rocks or slick surfaces. Put your Subaru to the test and push it to its fullest potential. Trust us - your Subaru can handle it.

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Subaru Secret: Watch the Pros (3 of 10)

Like athletes in every sport, you can study tape of past performances to realize true potential. To remember the power and speed of your Subaru, get your adrenaline racing with Subaru rally videos. These performance-tuned rally racecars trek at break-neck speeds across surfaces ranging from gravel and tarmac to snow and ice. The World Rally Championships are where Subaru showcased its industry-leading, Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive performance. Their superior scores on the racetrack are now standard technology in every Subaru.
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