Why a New Car Dealer is the Place to Buy a Pre-Owned Vehicle

Grayson knows that shopping for a pre-owned vehicle isn't easy.  New car dealers have become a target by traditional "used lots".  They tell us all how they have perfected the experience of purchasing and how that the experience is the most important part of purchasing a pre-owned vehicle.  What has been lost in this strategy is the quality of the vehicles available for purchase.  

The best car is really what we all want.  No one wants to be deceived or swindled out of their hard earned money.  We certainly don't want that either.  The last thing a new car dealer, Like Grayson, wants is their customer walking away feeling cheated.  That has always been our approach and where being "a name you can trust" begins.   Many are one owner.  Many are even certified through manufacturer certified specs and have low miles.

Think about that person you know who always has the nicest car and trades their vehicles every 3 to 5 years.  Where do you think they trade those vehicles?  Certainly not at a "used lot".  Those slightly used vehicles will go to folks who want the new car feel and experience, but for their own reasons cannot budget for a new car.  The used car lot simply doesn't have this pre-owned car stream.  Many of their cars come from an OPEN auto auction or were one worn out car traded in for another worn out car. The open auto auction exists to help new car dealers rid their stock of unwanted vehicles.

Those facts have been lost in the slick marketing the used car lots have crafted.  They do not want the general public focusing on quality.  Instead they want the average consumer focused on how easy they can get financing, how they "own the bank" (usually not true) and their "wide selection".  A term that doesn't mean much when there's probably just one serviceable needle in the entire haystack that is their stock.

When the new car dealer does buy from an auction, it's a closed factory certified auction, only open to new car dealers.  This helps insure the highest quality pre-owned stock stream and trade in stream.  Most manufacturers now push and even demand that their dealers buy from certified auctions when they do use auctions.  This combats the possibility of worn out stock.  

Our focus is set on educating the consumer.  We do not take our slogan "a name you can trust" lightly.  It's the bedrock of what we do and that dictates quality comes first.  If you've bought from a used car dealer, you know that yes, experience is also a part of purchasing a vehicle, new or pre-owned.  Grayson will offer you both...not just an experience.

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